Tuesday Talk: Motivation, how do I keep it up?

Tuesday Talk: Motivation, how do I keep it up?

Posted by Marc Ross on Dec 11th 2018

How do I stay motivated?

The truth behind this is that I am human and bad days do occur. I will not lie to you saying that I feel 100% motivated to train every day because this is simply not true! The trick I have found to make continuous progress is to stay discipline and stay on top of the “plan” even when things are not going well. The key part to making the progress you want is to sometimes do things that you may not want to do but are crucial for progress. I don’t always want to eat my 6 meals during my offseason phase, but I know that getting in these meals will help me reach my goal of building muscle quicker than I would eating off the plan. It is important to identify the long term goal at hand and once you do this, just take it one day at a time. Live in the moment and perform what you need to do in order to move forward and not just think about what you have to do. Overthinking is a waste of time and energy! Just get it done. Some nights I’m very tired after class or work but know I have to hit the gym. I firmly believe it is these moments that make the biggest differences.

As an example to this, I was in a car accident last winter right before my last contest prep. For the first time in my bodybuilding journey I was forced to sit out from the gym for 2 weeks because of shoulder pain and back spasms. It was very hard to deal with mentally because I felt I would fall behind. Instead of eating off my plan I took my nutrition even more serious because I had an end goal in mind of stepping on that stage in June to compete. I could have used this time to party more and ignore my training and eat junk, but I took my sleep very seriously and never skipped a meal because I identified my long term goal. Instead of throwing in the towel and giving up when things get hard, you have to adapt to the situation and slowly chip away one day at a time in order to reach your goal. 

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