What is Berberine?

What is Berberine?

Posted by Brandon Lirio on Dec 12th 2018


What is it?

Berberine is an herbal extract that has been prevalent in eastern medicine for almost a millennia for its anti-inflammatory properties and was an early medication for diabetes in Asia. Recent studies have shown positive benefit for those seeing weight gain during the use anti-depressants needing to lower body-fat, now being used for the wide population even not on anti-depressants for the purpose of fat loss and joint health.

What does it do?

Berberine scavenges free radicals in the body, and activates a protein synthesis/carbohydrate digestion pathway called the AMPK pathway. This pathway is responsible for energy homeostasis (balancing) in each individual cell and maximizing its use can store more usable energy for exercise while minimizing the formation of adipose tissue, or fat!

Who should take this?

Anyone looking to minimize the accumulation of body fat could see immense benefit by supplementing a healthy dose of Berberine with high carbohydrate and fat meals. Any one keeping high doses of carbohydrates such as powerlifters, anyone in a mass gaining phase (or bulk), or anyone with a lower tolerance to the ingestion of carbohydrates should seriously consider utilizing this to maximize results. While overdose of this ingredient has been known to cause stomach pains, and possible diarrhea, most OTC supplements are no where near the dose to cause the unwanted effects but are correctly dosed for your glucose disposal needs!

When Should I take this?

Taken daily in 2 doses of 900mg-2G depending on carbohydrate intake and bodyweight, take this supplement with meals high in carbohydrates and fat to minimize lipid and glucose spikes and help ferry digested carbohydrate energy to cells much faster. Stacking this with R-ALA can supercharge the benefits.

What products should I look for? Matador by ProjectAD as well as LOAD by Core Nutritionals has an effective dose of Berberine, both also boasting a healthy dose of cell membrane strengthening agents as well as light fat burners! Stop inot the shop and pick up some TODAY!