Our Team

Corey Blank - Owner/ Manager


Corey Blank is an owner, and the operations manger at ANC. He has worked with many weight loss clients, body transformation clients, high school athletes, bodybuilders, and crossfit athletes. He has found a specialty in helping to merge different disciplines to keep his clients looking good and feeling athletic at the same time. Corey has his NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist certifications. Along with those he is a Kettle-bell Athletics Level1 Certified Trainer. Most of corey’s athletic career was in football where he played at the collegiate level, after which he found bodybuilding and powerlifting where he has competed in over 7 bodybuilding shows and three powerlifting meets. He enjoys a good challenge and likes to direct people towards the products that can help them mange their training and recovery, through ingredient knowledge and training experience.


Jessica Blank - 1st lady of ANC



Jess is a full time police officer, Mother, and fitness enthusiast.  Growing up she was always an athlete and focused primarily on basketball. Now Jess is a Mother of two and is active in many aspects of fitness. She completed her first half marathon just 8 weeks after the birth of her daughter Jenna. Less than 10 months after giving birth Jess also stepped on stage and competed in her first bikini competition. She finished her season with a 5th place finish in three classes, and then a 1st place finish in her class at the INBF Mr&Mrs Natural CT. 

Caila Raymond - Assistant Manager/ Athlete Manager


Caila has been in the gym training since she was 11 years old. At 14 yeas old Caila competed in her first bodybuilding show and has since done many more, including most recently a 2nd place finish at the Atlantic States in 2016 in the women's physique class. Caila is currently in college and is also a talented makeup artist, she even does stage makeup for competitors. She is extremely knowledgable in all aspects of training, nutrition, and supplements and also manages our team of ANC athletes.  


Brandon Lirio - Sales Associate/ ANC Athlete


Brandon is a former US Air Force veteran with Professional Qualifications as a bodybuilder with the PNBA and NGA. A life time natural bodybuilder, he strives to spread his passion of fitness through community outreach and education in the field. He is the director and head coach of Battleground Fitness, another pillar of fitness in Connecticut and around the world with clients in 17 separate countries in 4 continents. He has helped hundreds in their fitness journey and his contestants have a stellar track record of top 3 placing’s, including dozens of national qualifications and 8 pro card attainments. Additionally, he himself has competed all over the world, most recently grabbing his second consecutive Mr Universe title in a stacked division in Brisbane, Australia. He is currently training for third appearance at the Natural Mr. Olympia this November! Currently finishing his bachelors in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition through AMU and a second BA in Business Management through Southern Connecticut Sate University, he writes fitness articles and training advice for multiple online sources. He also holds certifications as a "Master Trainer" with the ISSA as a Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Sports Nutrition, Bodybuilding Specialist and Strength and Conditioning. 

Drew Beaudoin - ANC Athlete


 Drew is has been an ANC Athlete since the start. He is a Recreation Specialist for the Bureau of Prisons at FCI Danbury. Growing up, Drew played competitive sports, mainly soccer, where he excelled and put himself in a position to play ODP as well as semi-professional during his college years at the University of Connecticut. Once he was working full-time and realized he couldn’t dedicate a ton of time to soccer anymore, he then picked up his NASM certification which led him into a life of health and fitness. Having a job as a personal trainer and helping others reach their goals ultimately led him to want that in some form for himself, which led him to competitive bodybuilding. Drew has been competing since 2017 and in that time has had two first place finishes, one of which is an overall, as well as a third place finish, and has competed at the national level at Team Universe. Drew’s love and passion is not only for bodybuilding but to also help others grow, become more educated, stay motivated, and to help everyone know that anything is possible if you work hard enough and stay consistent.


Marc Ross - Sales Associate



Marc has been a lifetime athlete, even playing lacrosse at the collegiate level at Ithaca College. He's been competing in bodybuilding now for three years, and just has won the overall in NPC CT Grand Prix in the Novice Classic Physique division, as well as 3rd in the Open Classic Physique. He is currently working towards his degree in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Connecticut. 


RJ Dionne (RJ Rude) - ANC Athlete


 Roger Dione, known as RJ Rude is an american badass who dropkicks people! He grew up in Unionville CT and has always had a passion for wrestling. His interest in workout out began as he fell in love with professional wrestling. RJ spends his weekends tossing it up with some of the best wrestlers around. His drive and determination to make it in the big ring stop at nothing! He started his independent career and ANC quickly became his go to spot for his supplement needs to push his training further. 


Blakey Biceps - AC Athlete, sales associate, social media influencer, product expert and professional bicep flexer


Blakey Biceps was born into this game. You may find him in the home gym hitting a bicep flex, or at the store giving away free shakers. He enjoys sipping BCAA's and educating people on how to get stronger. Be sure to catch him on social media dropping knowledge bombs about the best supplements around.